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Snow Sport Plow

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GMC Sonoma Front Hitch

Today I go over the install of a front mount hitch receiver mounted to a s10 ZR2 Blazer that is also the same for a Oldsmobile Bravada, GMC Sonoma pickup truck and a Jimmy SUV.

Reese 65004

I purchased this model because it is a direct bolt up installation for the ZR2 since other brands like Curt hitch need to be modified and custom to work on a ZR2 S10. The Reese / Draw tite hitch is good quality and worked great. The hardware is typically included for vehicle that did not have tow hooks or a front skid and may require drilling in this case. Draw-tite part number is the same as the Reese receiver.

Draw-Tite 65004 hitch receiver. Having a front hitch allows you to move trailers around very easily with more control than a rear hitch. A front hitch allows you to use a winch on the front or rear of your vehicle and pull yourself out of a tight spot without problems. I do have a 9000 pound winch to use with a mounting bracket. The main purpose for me having the front receiver is to mount a snow plow that uses a 2 inch receiver to mount.

I can use the snow plow on the front or rear of the vehicle and there are no hydraulics to fail. If you have any questions please leave a comment or visit my website and submit questions and video ideas for me to grow my YouTube channel.